Quick #Review: Playtex Sport #PlayOn

I received this complimentary product from Influenster to test and to review.

Product: Playtex® Sport® regular absorbency plastic tampons
Product Description: Fresh Balance; 360° Protection™ with OdorShield™ technology designed to neutralize odors; lightly scented

While I do use tampons, I do not have a strong opinion about the brand or type I use. I do not pledge loyalty to any particular brand - I buy what's on sale. All I ask of a feminine product is that it does its job.

Also, I do not lead an active life; due to various illnesses and injuries, I'm fairly sedentary. Therefore, I can't review this product to the fullest extent-- I can't completely exercise (no pun intended) the promises Playtex® Sport® makes.

As far as the "sport" aspect goes, I certainly didn't jump hurdles like the lady on the box. I also didn't swim, climb a mountain, or do any of the activities that I've seen in the commercials. All I can say is that as a tampon, the product stayed in place and didn't slip when I moved. It also didn't leak, so I didn't need to wear a pad as a backup.

Bottom Line: Pleasant scent, easy applicator. Effective, though I can't speak to the advertised benefits regarding an active lifestyle. If they were on sale, I'd buy them.

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