Quick #Review: Bikini Ready Energy Gummies #BikiniReadyLifestyle

I received this complimentary product from Influenster to test and to review.

Product: Bikini Ready Energy Gummies
Product Description: Tastes great, boosts metabolism, increases energy

Disclaimer: I hate gummi candy. I hate any food that's gelatin-based. Furthermore, I don't ingest energy drinks or supplements because they're not FDA-regulated and are not usually good for your health.

Nutrition: 20 micrograms caffeine (same as about 1/4 cup of coffee); 333% Vitamin B12 daily value

For the sake of reviewing this product, I gave it a go. In this sample, there were two gumdrop-appearing gummies that were red and orange. I chose to start with the red-colored gummi, which I hoped was cherry-flavored. The first thing I tasted was the sugar (1.5 gram per gummi), followed by a very chemical, unnatural taste that was barely cherry. The texture was rubbery and not easily broken down in the mouth. Within one minute of chewing, I was assaulted by an unforgivingly sour taste that led me to spit the gummi out. I didn't even attempt to try the remaining orange gummi.

Bottom Line: Yuck. I expected the artificial flavoring but not the gag-inducing sour taste. I don't normally eat energy supplements, but I don't think that's a normal response. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

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