Quick #Review: First Degree Burn Cream

I received this complimentary product from Influenster to test and to review.

Product: First Degree Burn Cream
Product Description: Helps reduce the appearance of scars; protects against infection; soothes the pain & cools the burn

Disclaimer: I was unable to test this product, because (un?)fortunately no one in my household has burned him/herself since I received the product. When the time comes, I will update this post with a review.

When someone in my household has a burn, we use a product that is both an antiseptic and an anesthetic. First Degree Burn Cream is homeopathic, so the active ingredient list is a bit mystifying.

Active Ingredients: Calendula officinalis Tinc HPUS (wound healing), Cantharis vesicatoria 3x HPUS (burns and scalds), Echinacea angustifolia Tinc HPUS (antiseptic).

Here's some deciphering:

  • Tinc: tincture (an alcohol-based derivative of natural plant material)
  • HPUS: Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States
  • 3X: diluted to a concentration of 10^3 (1:1000)
  • Calendula officinalis: The flower of this plant is used as an analgesic and an anti-inflammatory and promotes wound healing
  • Cantharis vesicatoria: Derived from a beetle and used in the treatment of urinary conditions but also applied topically to prevent blistering from burns
  • Echinacea angustifolia: This plant is a natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and topical antibiotic.
Here is what the FDA has to say about homeopathic remedies. Be sure to follow the directions of any product you use. Be careful of dosage and of drug interactions.

To be continued, once I have the misfortune of burning myself...

Quick #Review: Bikini Ready Energy Gummies #BikiniReadyLifestyle

I received this complimentary product from Influenster to test and to review.

Product: Bikini Ready Energy Gummies
Product Description: Tastes great, boosts metabolism, increases energy

Disclaimer: I hate gummi candy. I hate any food that's gelatin-based. Furthermore, I don't ingest energy drinks or supplements because they're not FDA-regulated and are not usually good for your health.

Nutrition: 20 micrograms caffeine (same as about 1/4 cup of coffee); 333% Vitamin B12 daily value

For the sake of reviewing this product, I gave it a go. In this sample, there were two gumdrop-appearing gummies that were red and orange. I chose to start with the red-colored gummi, which I hoped was cherry-flavored. The first thing I tasted was the sugar (1.5 gram per gummi), followed by a very chemical, unnatural taste that was barely cherry. The texture was rubbery and not easily broken down in the mouth. Within one minute of chewing, I was assaulted by an unforgivingly sour taste that led me to spit the gummi out. I didn't even attempt to try the remaining orange gummi.

Bottom Line: Yuck. I expected the artificial flavoring but not the gag-inducing sour taste. I don't normally eat energy supplements, but I don't think that's a normal response. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

Quick #Review: Playtex Sport #PlayOn

I received this complimentary product from Influenster to test and to review.

Product: Playtex® Sport® regular absorbency plastic tampons
Product Description: Fresh Balance; 360° Protection™ with OdorShield™ technology designed to neutralize odors; lightly scented

While I do use tampons, I do not have a strong opinion about the brand or type I use. I do not pledge loyalty to any particular brand - I buy what's on sale. All I ask of a feminine product is that it does its job.

Also, I do not lead an active life; due to various illnesses and injuries, I'm fairly sedentary. Therefore, I can't review this product to the fullest extent-- I can't completely exercise (no pun intended) the promises Playtex® Sport® makes.

As far as the "sport" aspect goes, I certainly didn't jump hurdles like the lady on the box. I also didn't swim, climb a mountain, or do any of the activities that I've seen in the commercials. All I can say is that as a tampon, the product stayed in place and didn't slip when I moved. It also didn't leak, so I didn't need to wear a pad as a backup.

Bottom Line: Pleasant scent, easy applicator. Effective, though I can't speak to the advertised benefits regarding an active lifestyle. If they were on sale, I'd buy them.

Quick #Review: Pure Leaf Sweet Tea #LoveofLeaves

I received this complimentary product from Influenster to test and to review.

Product: Sweet Tea from Pure Leaf
Product Description: Black tea leaves are hand-selected and brewed to create a fine fresh tasting tea. Real sugar sweetens this tea to perfection. All natural, brewed from real tea leaves.

Disclaimer: I'm not a big drink of any products besides water and fruit juice. I only drink tea either when I have a cold or when I am cold. I've tasted sweet tea before, but I'm not a connoisseur.

This beverage is REALLY sweet - 42-grams-of-sugar-per-bottle sweet. Granted, the bottle supposedly contains 2.5 servings, but I can't imagine anyone splitting such a small bottle (about 1 pint or 2 cups) into more than a few swigs-- it's not practical. A quick search showed that the American Heart Association recommends a max of 6 teaspoons (30 grams) of sugar per day for women-- so, one bottle of Pure Leaf's Sweet Tea contains nearly1.5 times the recommended daily allowance of sugar for women. Bad news.

My second complaint is that the bottle doesn't state how much caffeine is in the beverage; at least, it wasn't apparent to me. I'm assuming that the black tea isn't caffeine-free, but you wouldn't even need the boost of caffeine because of the sugar high you'd experience (did I mention the 42 grams of sugar?). An internet search for the product's nutritional facts shows there is 57 milligrams of caffeine per serving, which is less than a cup of coffee.

Bottom Line: Skip it. I don't know if high sugar content is expected when it comes to sweet tea beverages, but 42 grams of sugar per 18.5 fl oz bottle is unacceptable to me.


Quick #Review: Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Powered by Ceramide Caplet Serum #FlawlessFuture

I received this complimentary product from Influenster to test and to review.

Product: Flawless Future
Product Description: Powered by Ceramide™ Caplet Serum
Layman's Description: Face stuff

I'm really glad this product came with an informative packaging, because I had no idea what it was. Once I read that it wasn't perfume but was, instead, an anti-aging product, I decided to let my mother try it. Since I am in my mid-20s, and since my mother is 33 years older than I am, she'd be able to give a better opinion than me.

When applied to the face and neck, the first sensation is stinging, which we guess is what the manufacturer meant by "refreshing." There was also a faint chemical smell, but it disappeared with the stinging after a few minutes.

My mother's main complaint was that it isn't a replacement for a daily moisturizer. It also doesn't have any SPF sun protection, so to wear the product during the day you'll have to use an additional product that has does.

Bottom line: Expensive and not an all-in-one product. You might as well buy a less expensive pharmacy product that doesn't hurt, that smells good, that has sun protection, and that also acts as a moisturizer.


Quick #Review: Softlips Cube #GetCubed

I received this complimentary product from Influenster to test and to review.

Product: Softlips Cube in Pomegranate Blueberry
Product Description: 5 in 1 Lip Care with Lip Perfecting Technology

Simplified ingredients: Shea butter; Vitamins A,C, & E
Shape: Cube. Not front pocket-friendly.
Scent: Reminds me of cherry Gas-X. It's fruity, but not blueberry or pomegranate. I'd prefer to try the Fresh Mint or Vanilla Bean scent.
Texture: Goes on smooth and doesn't get stuck on dry, chapped lips.
Sensation: Cooling & moisturizing.

Short-term effect: Soothes irritated lips, softens ragged edges. Adds sheen.
Long-term effect: Protects and heals lips.
Bonus effect: SPF 15.

Bottom Line: This lip protectant makes many promises for a reasonable price. Though innovative, the cube shape is unwieldy and can't be concealed in pockets, unlike it's predecessor, the tube lip balm. I recommend giving it a try!

Quick #Review: Magnum Infinity Chocolate

I received a coupon for this product from Influenster to test and to review.

Product: Magnum Infinity Chocolate Ice Cream
Product description: Dark chocolate ice cream with a chocolate swirl, dipped in dark chocolate and cocoa bean nibs.

Unfortunately, due to dietary restrictions, I cannot eat this product. Fortunately, my mother is a chocoholic, and she was more than happy to help her daughter out. It was such a huge sacrifice for her, you know. Massive.

Just as an aside, when I think of Magnum, I think of condoms or of Dirty Harry, not ice cream. Though, the ice cream wrapper was gold foil... ;]

The outside:

  • Dark chocolate shell: stays intact for the most part; don't worry about it falling off until the ice cream itself begins to melt.
  • "Cocoa bean nibs": don't add anything besides texture (which itself isn't remarkable); not crispy, just lumpy
The inside:
  • Dark chocolate ice cream: not as rich as you'd expect; mildly chocolate, not too sweet.

Bottom line: One serving is plenty. There was no temptation to binge on the whole box. It's not an everyday thing - it's a once-a-week indulgence.


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#Review: GlassesShop.com Prescription #Eyeglasses

I received a complimentary pair of prescription eyeglasses from glassesshop.com, via Tomoson.com, in exchange for my honest review.

I've been wearing glasses since the 4th grade. I switched to contacts a year later, but I still wore my glasses at night or when I was sick. For the past two years, I've been nursing various illnesses and injuries, and I haven't worn my contacts in just as long. My glasses are over 5 years old, and I wear them everyday, so you can imagine how grungy and worn they are. So, when I saw the opportunity to receive and review a pair of eyeglasses, I jumped on it! I had neither shopped nor purchased glasses virtually before. I normally try-on and purchase my choice of frames from my optometrist and his brick-and-mortar office. So, new experience!

When I was chosen for the GlassesShop.com review, I was able to pick whatever style of glasses I wanted with whatever prescription I needed. Yay! I chose the Katherine purple blue stripe eyeglasses (SKU FZ0547). I have a heart-shaped face, with a fivehead and big eyes, high cheekbones, and a tiny chin. The website offers virtual try-on of frames, and the resulting image, as seen under "Customers' Tryon Pictures," is a poor, one-dimensional indicator of how the glasses would look on a real 3-D person. Again, I have no other experience with other online retailers of glasses frames, so this may be the case for all virtual try-on image engines.

After ordering my frames & lenses (for which the store required my prescription and pupil distance), it took approximately two weeks for them to be ready to ship. After shipping, it took approximately took two weeks to arrive from China. They arrived in a small box, perfectly sized for eyeglasses. Inside was a clear plastic case with the GlassesShop.com logo on it, along with a microfiber cleaning cloth. Neat!

Should've cleaned off the couch before the photo op.

Right out of the box (or case, in this instance), the glasses looked exactly as they did on the website. No surprises, there! Until I tried them on. Then...

#Nomakeup #Selfie


The frames don't rest evenly on my face! It's hard to get a picture showing the skew, but one side is definitely higher than the other. I had a terrible thought: maybe after all these years my ears are uneven?? To test this, I had my mother try them on. (No photos, please. OK, Ma.) Here is my artistic rendering of her appearance:

I'm so sorry, Mom.

Nope, still uneven...Unless I inherited my possibly-uneven ears from her? To figure it out once and for all, I took out a right-angle ruler to see if I was crazy.

I'm really not crazy! There is the slightest, most miniscule difference between the two sides of the frames. Really.

I asked for assistance in correcting the skew, and I was told to use pliers to bend the frames to my liking. I worry about damaging or even breaking the plastic that covers the sides of frames. I expressed my concern but have yet the receive a satisfactory response as of the publication of this post.

After one week of wearing them 24/7, minus sleeping time and shower time, I'm negatively neutral about these glasses. Then again, I'm incredibly picky. Here we go!

  • Accurate prescription: No headaches or blurriness.
  • Durable: After one week of wearing, there are no chips in or discoloration of the frames.
  • They work: They're glasses. I can see clearly now (the rain is gone...).
  • Poor weight distribution: The weight of the frames rests on the nose. So, after 5 minutes of wearing, I had marks on the sides and bridge of my nose. This also leads to...
  • Slippage: Since the weight is bore by the nose and not the ears, the frames move drastically when I move my head. When tilting my head down (like when spitting after brushing my teeth), the glasses slipped precariously off my face, barely hanging on by the ends of the arms.
  • Pinching: There's a transition from plastic to metal on the arms of the frames. It's not an even surface, so it catches the little wispy hairs by my temples and pulls them out when the frames shift (which is often).
  • Other: Not made in the USA

  • Ease of website navigation
  • Simple shopping
  • Shipping time: About one week to confirm my order shipped, and about one week for the glasses to arrive. Not sure if my order was treated differently because I am a non-paying customer. (I totally bungled the math on this! Here's a better breakdown of the time frame from my POV. I placed my order July 30 and received a tracking number on August 08. Glasses arrived August 16.)
  • Poor English language: The representative with whom I spoke via email did not write clearly. I wonder if he wrote in his native language and translated it to English with a program. (That being said, we understood each other very well. I'm not sure how well the word "skew" translates, so I don't know if the language barrier was preventing a resolution to my problem.)
Maybe I'm spoiled from having purchased glasses from an optometrist's office for years. I'm not really impressed with my online glasses shopping experience thus far. However, I want to emphasize that my experience could be a fluke. Other bloggers were offered the same opportunity as me, and I will update this post with their reviews as soon as I find them.

I do not plan on returning the frames because I received them for free. However, should a customer wish to return his or her purchase, there is a return policy - but "shipping and handling costs will NOT be refunded. There is a 30% restocking fee for glasses." Ouch.

BOTTOM LINE: The glasses I chose cost about $60 for both the frames and the prescription lenses. This is a huge savings when compared to the frames available at my local optometrist's office, even with health insurance. Personally, I am a huge proponent of "try before you buy," so buying glasses online isn't really my speed. Nevertheless, it's a good bargain to pay only 20% of what you might spend at a professional's store.

Speaking of 20%, I have a coupon code for my readers to use! For 20% OFF site-wide at glassesshop.com, use the code "Katie20".

As of publication of this post, the frames I chose are on sale for $29.95. Use the coupon code above, and they cost less than $24!

Questions? Comments? Want more Paint portraits of my family? Let me know!

Edits from 09/05/2014 for clarification are in parentheses


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Being an Unhealthy-Healthy Eater Part I

Gentle Reader,

You may be asking yourself, “Katie, I’ve never heard of an unhealthy-healthy eater. I think you’re making it up!” You are correct. More than likely there is a formal or more widely-known term for what I’m about to discuss, but I am either unable to find it or too lazy to find it (i.e., both).

We all know what “healthy” means when it comes to diet and eating habits. Lots of protein! Fruits! Vegetables! Watch the carbs! Cut out extra sugar! Whole grains! Water! Don’t eat too much! Moderation and variety or death!

We also know what “unhealthy” means: too fatty, too processed, too many calories for too little nutrition, too salty, too much, too little, too anything.

Therefore, I define an unhealthy-healthy eater as a person who has unhealthy habits when eating healthy food. I am one of these people. Hi, my name is Katie, and I’m an Unhealthy-Healthy Eater. Hi, Katie.

You may be thinking, “Well if you know it’s a bad thing, change it!” Unfortunately for me, it’s not so simple.

Let me start out by saying that I have ZERO external factors that prevent me from eating well. I have access to a grocery store that carries everything I’ll ever need. I have enough money to afford quality foods. I have the appliances required to keep, store, and prepare said food. No problem, Bob.

My inability to be a healthy eater comes from the inside. Yes, gentle readers, my very soul cannot handle the enormity of consuming another living being.

NO, no no, just kidding. I wish it was only so ridiculous. Alas, my eating problems come from indigestion. And no, I’m not talking about heartburn or GERD (GastroEsophageal Reflux Disease), or IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), or any other common digestive disorder that can be wham-bam-thankyouma’am neatly defined and treated with an OTC (over the counter) medication or homeopathic remedy. Nope, I’m talking about an unpredictable mystery illness that results in abdominal pain of Chestburster proportions and a myriad of distressing symptoms with disgusting responses.

I’ll post about my physical experience (maybe someone Googling his/her symptoms will find it!) later, along with the psychological impact and other implications. For now, here’s a quick rundown: I avoid certain foods due to digestive issues. It’s bad to cut out food groups completely. Even if I did eat the foods that give me issues, I wouldn’t be able to digest them anyway. What’s a girl to do? Do I just give up and not eat particular foods and not even give my body the chance to absorb the nutrients it needs? Or do I give it a go, suffer for it, and still not get the nutrition I need?

Usually I go for the former. I wimp out. My diet is boring. My nutrition sucks. I take a medication that helps me better digest food. Actually, I take pancreatic enzymes that are derived from a pig's pancreas. Yes, I am part pig. I absorb pig powers. Fear me *oink*. However, there's nothing quite like all-natural, human pancreas juices, so it's not a miracle worker. I'll take what I can get.

I eat the same things everyday. Greek yogurt, granola, applesauce, protein drink mixed with fruit juice, protein bars, and a whole lot of fruits & vegetables.

See, it certainly sounds healthy, but holy nutritional deficit, Batman! This is a lot better than how I was in the months before my gallbladder was removed (another long story). Every meal was one bowl of cereal. Every. Meal. I consider my current diet a massive improvement. However, even sticking to "safe" foods isn't a guarantee that I won't have symptoms. My digestive system has a mind of its own.

To Be Continued!

Are you an unhealthy-healthy eater? What good habits do you have, or what bad habits should you change? Do you have digestive problems? How do you combat them?


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