Quick #Review: Magnum Infinity Chocolate

I received a coupon for this product from Influenster to test and to review.

Product: Magnum Infinity Chocolate Ice Cream
Product description: Dark chocolate ice cream with a chocolate swirl, dipped in dark chocolate and cocoa bean nibs.

Unfortunately, due to dietary restrictions, I cannot eat this product. Fortunately, my mother is a chocoholic, and she was more than happy to help her daughter out. It was such a huge sacrifice for her, you know. Massive.

Just as an aside, when I think of Magnum, I think of condoms or of Dirty Harry, not ice cream. Though, the ice cream wrapper was gold foil... ;]

The outside:

  • Dark chocolate shell: stays intact for the most part; don't worry about it falling off until the ice cream itself begins to melt.
  • "Cocoa bean nibs": don't add anything besides texture (which itself isn't remarkable); not crispy, just lumpy
The inside:
  • Dark chocolate ice cream: not as rich as you'd expect; mildly chocolate, not too sweet.

Bottom line: One serving is plenty. There was no temptation to binge on the whole box. It's not an everyday thing - it's a once-a-week indulgence.

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